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   The company was established in 1994. From this year we started delivering household products to common retail customers and by the time we growing up to the certain turnover of 600.000 USD by year. The company has 42 employes which enables continuous delivering to all of our satisfied customers.

   First part of our production are plastic utensils and baby safety products. These we deliver to hypermaket chains as OBI, Bauhaus, Baumax, but we are also continuing in deliveries to retail shop customers and final users through the mail-order services. The main products form this part are : ventilation safety lock, shock absorber, door safety lock, paint spray adapter, dring holder, anti-slip bath mat, corner scuff molding….

   We can send you our current catalogue, the samples, detailed informations and price quotations for request, be sure, the prices are very competitive!!

   The second part is injection moulding of plastics and sets. Plastics up to 1500g of stock weight. Processing of duroplastics or sets using presses with a thust up to 500t. Manufacturing of technical assortment of duroplastics or sets for electrical engineering (terminals of electric motors). These we export to Siemens Germany, Siemens China,Slovak Republic, Austria…. . On request we can send you detailed informations, price quotations.

  The third part is deliveries of promotional items from plastic, mainly the ashtries, advertising plastic box for note papers, whis is made from two parts between which you can insert your contact information and advertising information and you can simply change these information by puting in another printed paper. On request we can send samples, detailed informations and price quotations.

The fourth part is a cooperative production in the field of engineering industry – milling, grinding, turning, including surface adjustments – galavnizing, chromizing. We produce alo steel constructions, pipe distributions, aluminium flanges, shafts, bearings, nails, ….. according customer documentation. Please, be informed, our range is realy very wild, pls contact us with specific requirement, in very short time we can give you informations required – calculations, date of possible delivery…. . Our terms of delivery and price quotations are very competitive!

Kubíček, Seifertova 33
750 02 Přerov
Czech Republic

+420 581 284 206
+420 581 284 206